"Stay healthy! Eat clean!" with Bilyana Yotovska

Английската версия на авторската книга на Биляна Йотовска "Гответе здравословно"

From me...
Hello, friends! I am proud to present the fifth jubilee edition of my book to you! In this print, I have prepared a few surprises for you... On the last pages you will find ABS workout for perfect bellies and some bonus recipes specially selected by me. I hope you’ll like them. If you’re reading these lines, you've already made the most important step towards a healthy lifestyle – you have taken the decision to eat properly! Believe me, the rest is a matter of inspiration, a little improvisation and diligence. During almost four months I, myself, prepared and photographed the meals based on the recipes that you hold in your hands – I cooked everything personally since I wanted to try every dish instead of writing by heart, and I really believe I left a piece of me in this book. It took me another two whole months to put
everything together on the computer... I'm sure you'd like my book because I believe you value your appearance and mostly your health!
The most important rule we all need to remember is the following: despite the hectic and busy schedules, everyone can devote 10 minutes a day to cooking at home. Do not trust the multitude of ready-to-cook dishes and packaged semi-prepared foods with vague content and a large amount of preservatives. Cook with passion and emotion; try to cook wholesome and healthy but also beautiful meals. Add something from yourself every time – turn the routine into fun!
‘Cook healthy meals with me, Bilyana Yotovska’ – indulge in this pleasure!
Lastly, I wish you pleasant cooking and bon appétit!

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